About Me

Kurt Boyd

Dear Reader,

I often use Bluetooth headphones 8-12 hours every day.  I listen to podcasts, audio books, music, and I take and make phone calls.  I wear them while working out (I do strenuous Crossfit style workouts), walking my dog, driving in my car, and shopping.  I wear them when I’m working at my computer or eating by myself.

I love Bluetooth technology, and I believe a really good pair of stereo Bluetooth earbuds is essential for maximizing your productivity.  While 1000’s are frustrated waiting in line or caught in traffic, I am learning from audiobooks and podcasts.  I believe time is precious, and I really try to make the most of every minute.

I am an engineer, and I usually spend hours researching a product before buying it.  I try to buy the very best because inferior products frustrate me and waste my time. I created this webpage to share my research with you.  For each review, I have linked the product to Amazon for your convience.  I believe in being 100% honest and transparent.  If you buy a product from one of my links, I will receive a very small commission.  However, I am not paid to write these reviews, and I am 100% honest and objective in every review.

I hope this webpage helps you find the best Bluetooth earbuds for you.  Feel free to contact me and ask questions or leave comments if you agree or disagree with a review.